Beyond the Canvas

“My Passion to be creative is not exclusive to a canvas. In fact I try and create art in every  facet of my life. Whether it be turning original works of art into Stationary and Holiday Greeting cards,

Or having the works printed on teeshirts as wearable art.”

“Of course It is not always about recreating an existing work. I have done many original 1 of a kind creations for clients. From hand painted Ball Gowns,

to Tattoo designs...

I even designed and Painted Temporary Tattoos for the Joffrey Ballet’s Production of Incantations.

Blending my abilities for painting text and costume design I created emblems with encrypted words for the dancers in my ballet "This is me".

I have even put my ability to sew to work for the costumes used in ‘It will Never be Simple’, a ballet I choreographed.

And the sewing doesn’t stop there, here I hand painted, embroidered and beaded this one of a kind tee for a client to be worn to the Joffrey Ballet’s event Couture and Cocktails.

It was a true Joy for me when I was asked to design the wedding cake for a couple who have for years followed my work.

I look forward to every challenge and opportunity to create art and bring a little extra Joy to the world around me.”