Born and raised in Ware, Massachusetts, I have always had a strong passion for the world of Art. Growing up in a family strongly involved in community theater, I was regularly exposed to new ideas of what art could be. From sitting in on rehearsals to helping my father with set design and construction even to acting as well, it was clear there was a passion in myself to be as creative as possible. I found myself dancing and drawing ever since I was introduced to the arts.


At the age of 10 and strongly influenced by my three older sisters, I started taking dance lessons. For the next 6 years I was completely devoted to the notion of becoming a professional dancer. At 16, after winning a national title, I made a decision that set me on the path that lead me to where I am today. This path involved my moving away from home to attend The Harid Conservatory in Boca Raton, Florida.


World renowned as a professional ballet school, I received the training that would prepare me to audition and take my place in the world of professional ballet. While there, I truly discovered my passion for drawing and painting. I was able to take art courses at the public school I attended. There, not only did I learn about several new techniques, but also about the Artists that made them famous. It was the work of M. C. Escher that first inspired me to work very detailed in the mediums of charcoal and scratchboard. Having created an etching of a palm tree, I entered it in the Arts and Writing Scholastic Competition for the state of Florida. In turn, it won a Gold Key and was moved on to be judged nationally at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Such an honor was an amazing accomplishment at the starting point of my career.


At this time I came across a style of painting that motivated me to expand my work in a different direction. It was the body of work of Roy Lichtenstein that inspired me to branch out into the world of Pop Art. Utilizing acrylic paint, I experimented with color, contrast, shape and design while creating fun and whimsical works.


However, it was not long after I discovered this style that painting and drawing needed to be placed on the back burner. It was graduation time for me and I had to focus on finding a job dancing. Receiving offers from several major american dance companies, I decided to join the world famous Joffrey Ballet.


Based in Chicago, the Joffrey Ballet provided me with wonderful dancing opportunities and allowed me to live in a city with a predominant  Art scene. After establishing my place in the company and in a new city, I decided to pull the paints and brushes back out again. I spent the next few years working on my paintings and expanding my portfolio. With all this newly rekindled energy, it was hard not to share it with everyone in my life. Word spread of my paintings and very soon I was not only receiving praise, but also interest in commissioned works. Always loving a new challenge, I moved forward and created several commissioned works for clients and friends. 


Being a Joffrey Dancer, I provided original works for the event Couture and Cocktails, as well as showcasing my work at a new Joffrey event, Pointe of Departure. This event was an Art Exhibit and auction allowing artists to show their talents. Several themes, ideas, and mediums were used but each piece had to have the same central inspiration, a pointe shoe. This was my first opportunity to have my work presented in an open forum and to be able to discuss my inspiration, technique, and creativity firsthand.


I am truly looking forward to the years ahead of me, while expanding my portfolio and creating new commissioned works, to developing my technique in ballet with new roles and characters at the Joffrey Ballet. One thing is for sure, for as long as I can, I will be making art for both the canvas and the stage.